Our Indian Cooking Culture

We take great pride in what we do – especially when it comes to our food. Coupled with fantastic service, warm family-oriented atmosphere, we try to make the dining experience a life long memory. We use the freshest and finest of ingredients in our cooking. All our food is prepared from scratch on the premises, so no preservatives are used. We are happy to prepare your meal exactly the way you like: mild, medium or hot – or anywhere in between. Our gourmet Indian cuisine is prepared with an emphasis on both quality and service. The experience of dishes prepared in the tradition Tandoor (cooking at high heat in a clay oven) will enhance your palate. Flavors offers the finest Indian cuisine in a wonderful ambience. So, sit back and enjoy this adventure through Indian culinary tradition, whether for the first time or the best time, this is the place.

*A gratuity of 18% will be charged to parties of 10 or more*


dishes on our menu





Crispy seasoned lentil wafers


Aloo Tikki

Potato patties spiced and deep fried


Vegetable Pakora

Mixed vegetable fritters in chick pea batter


Vegetable Samosa

2 crispy turnovers stuffed w/seasoned potatoes & peas


Samosa w/Chole or Aloo Tikki

2 Vegetable Samosa w/seasoned Garbanzo beans


Chilli Paneer

Homemade cheese with bell peppers and onions cooked with spicy sauce.


Chaat Papdi

Crispy puffed wheat biscuits with herbs, potatoes and 2 fresh chutneys

Fish Pakora $6.99

Chole Poori/Bhature

2 pieces w/seasoned chickpeas


Mixed Appetizers

An assortment of papad, veg. samosa & veg. pakora


Paneer Pakora  

Homemade cheese seasoned & battered


Aloo Pakora

Seasoned & battered fried potatoes        


Onion Bhajia  

Delicately seasoned fried onion fritters


Paneer Bhatura

Puffy Bread stuffed w/homemade paneer


Gol Gappe

8-piece deep-fried poori pockets, served with boiled potatoes, chickpeas and sweet n’ spicy water.

Chicken Pakora $6.99

Soups & Salads

Daal Soup        

Lentils w/herbs & spices


Mulligatawany Soup

Made with chicken, herbs & Indian spices


Garden Salad     

Green Salad with raita dressing


Katchumber Salad     

Indian Style mixed salad     


Naan (Bread)


White flour leavened bread baked in tandoor 


Aloo Naan or Parantha

Tandoor baked naan stuffed w/seasoned potatoes & peas


Onion Kulcha 

Tandoor baked naan with seasoned onions



2 Whole wheat deep fried breads     



2 White flour deep fried breads


Kabuli Naan 

Tandoor baked stuffed naan w/nuts, cherries, raisins, & coconut



Paneer Naan 

Tandoor baked naan stuffed paneer (homemade cheese)


Keema Naan    

Tandoor baked stuffed w/seasoned minced lamb


Garlic Naan 

Tandoor baked naan w/fresh & seasoned garlic


Tandoori Parantha    

Tandoor baked buttered multi-layered whole wheat bread


Tandoori Roti 

Tandoor baked whole wheat flour roti


Murgh Naan   

Tandoor baked naan stuffed with spiced bits of chicken  


Mixed Naan Tokri  

Naan, Onion Kulcha, Garlic Naan, & Paneer Naan


Vegetarian Dishes

Served with rice or plain Naan

Mattar Paneer

Homemade cheese & green peas in a flavorful curry sauce


Aloo Ghobi

Fresh sautéed cauliflower & potatoes


Benghan Bhartha

Fresh baked & mashed eggplant, cooked with onions, & tomatoes


Saag Paneer

Homemade cheese with creamed spinach


Navratan Shahi Korma

Vegetables with homemade cheese in a creamy sauce


Chana Masala (Chole)

Chickpeas cooked in a flavorful curry sauce


Daal Makhani

Creamed lentils delicately seasoned


Yellow Daal

Lentils prepared with ginger and garlic


Paneer Masala

Homemade cheese in a seasoned curry sauce with bell pepper & onions


Malai Kofta

Prepared with vegetables and homemade cheese balls & cooked in a creamy sauce



Okra cooked in a masala sauce


Shahi Paneer or Paneer Tikka Masala

Homemade cheese with blend of creamy sauce, tomato sauce with nuts


Mixed Vegetables

Mixture of carrots, potatoes, bell peppers and cauliflower


Biryani (Rice dishes)

Vegetable Biriyani

Aromatic basmati rice with an assortment of vegetables


Lamb Biriyani

Aromatic basmati rice flavored with cubes of lamb


Prawn Biriyani

Aromatic basmati rice prepared with prawns


Nawabi Biriyani

Aromatic basmati rice prepared with cubes of lamb, chicken, prawns, veggies, garnished with nuts


Chicken Biriyani

Aromatic basmati rice prepared with chicken


Tandoori Entrees (Clay Oven Dishes)

Served with rice or plain Naan

Tandoori Chicken

Skinless, bone-in dark meat marinated cooked on skewers over mesquite charcoal in tandoor


Chicken Tikka

Skinless, boneless white meat breasts marinated and cooked on skewers over mesquite charcoal in tandoor


Sheek Kabob

Minced lamb kabobs made with bell peppers, herbs, onions, and spices cooked on skewers over mesquite charcoal in tandoor


Tandoori Shrimp

Jumbo marinated shrimp cooked on skewers over mesquite charcoal in tandoor


Tandoor Mix Gill

Assortment of tandoor chicken, chicken tikka, prawns, and sheek kabob


Chiken Curries

Served with rice or plain Naan

Chicken Makhani (“Butter Chicken”)
Dark meat chicken in a special sauce with a fresh blend of tomatoes, butter, and cream
Chicken Tikka Masala
Light meat chicken in a special sauce with a fresh blend of tomatoes, butter, and cream 

Chicken Curry

Chicken cooked in our flavorful curry sauce


Chicken Vindaloo

Chicken cooked in a spicy sauce with potatoes


Karahi Chicken

Chicken cooked with fresh garlic and spices



Chicken cooked in grilled onions and spices


Chicken Saag Wala

Chicken cooked with delicious spiced creamy spinach garnished with nuts


Chicken Korma

Chicken cooked with cream sauce and nuts


Chilli Chicken

Chicken cooked in a blend of tomatoes, onions, and fresh green chilies


Lamb Curries

Served with rice or plain Naan

Lamb Curry

Lamb cubes cooked in a seasoned curry sauce


Lamb Saag Wala

Lamb cooked with creamy spinach


Lamb Vindaloo

Lamb cooked in seasoned sauce with potatoes


Rogan Josh

Classical lamb curry


Lamb Pasanda

Lamb cooked with herbs and yogurt


Karahi Ghosht

Lamb cubes cooked in a blend of tomatoes, grilled onions and herbs


Goat Curry

Goat with bones cooked in a seasoned curry sauce



Served with rice or plain Naan

Prawn Curry

Prawn cooked in a flavorful curry sauce


Prawn Pepper Masala

Season prawns with fresh bell peppers, onions, and herbs


Prawn Saag Wala

Prawns cooked in creamed spinach


Madras Prawn Masala

Prawns cooked in a blend of tomatoes, onions, and white wine


Fish Masala

Fresh fish cooked in a flavorful curry sauce


Prawn Korma

Prawn cooked in rich cream cashew nut curry sauce



Maharani Dinner (veg.)

Includes: Samosa, Papad, Chana Masala, Mattar Paneer, Navratan Shahi Korma, Naan, Rice, Raita, and dessert of the day.


Maharaja Dinner (non-veg)

Includes: Tandoor Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Sheekh Kabob, Chicken Makhani, Mattar Paneer, Chana Masala, Naan, Rice, Raita, and dessert of the day


Side Dishes

Pilav Rice

Flavored basmati rice with peas and nuts



Grated cucumbers in cool seasoned homemade yogurt

Mango Chutney    $2.99

Basmati Rice

Aromatic basmati rice


Plain Yogurt

Homemade yogurt

Achar (Mixed pickles) $1.59

Indian Dessert


Rice pudding made in milk garnished with nuts



Homemade cheese in a rich, sweet creamy sauce with nuts

Mango Ice Cream $3.99


Indian flavored ice cream enriched with nuts


Gulab Jamun

Fried Indian cheese ball soaked in syrup



Spicy Indian Tea (Cha)

Sweetened tea made with milk

$2.59 (cup) $4.99 (kettle)


Yogurt drink served sweet or salty

Mango Juice $1.99
Iced Tea or Iced Coffee $1.99
Coffee $1.99
Bottled Water $1.59
Milk $1.99
Indian Coffee $1.99

Mango Lassi

Yogurt drink made with mango juice

Mango Shake $3.59
Soft Drink $1.99

Kids Menu

Chicken Pakora $4.99
Soft drink $ .99

Cheese Naan

American/Mexican cheese mix stuffed in naan & baked in tandoor

Masala Fries        $2.99
Mango Lassi          $3.99

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